Boys and Pillow fights..never enough pillows

If you have boys you probably know how they like to throw, wrestle, and jump, with pillows.  I’m not talking about the pillow on their bed they sleep on. I’m talking about all the decorative throw  pillows…on beds, couches, chairs, in baskets, closets.  In my house they are everywhere.  I love throw pillows. What I love even more is throw pillow covers, so versatile, easy to store folded in the closet and so simple to change out  with the seasons. Here are a few decorative throw pillow covers I love. Click on the pillow to purchase your own .

More coffee please …

Happy Wednesday!! Or as i like to say, Happy hump day . It’s the day of the middle of the week slump. Give me more coffee please.. I really seem to always need a bit more coffee on Wednesdays. So thankful for my keurig K145 .  This coffee machine is the best invention ever.  Fresh and hot coffee anytime with a push of a button . I never really liked coffee much before we got the Keurig  . And now it seems i can’t get enough.  The kids love it too to make hot chocolate. I will also brew up a nice  hot cup of tea sometimes in the evening, or on a chilly rainy day. Yep, this amazing machine can do that too. There is an endless number of brands and flavors of coffee, tea, and hot chocolate to choose from. I like to order from amazon so i can stock up on my favorite brands. Click on the link to order your very own Keurig K145 today.

Farmhouse Style ..Rustic decor… and old windows..

These are a few of my favorite things. My family likes to make fun of my design style. My boys tell me  I like old things because I’m old. The hubby rolls his eyes when i come home with an old rusty can i found junking and i tell him I’m going to put it on the front porch with flowers in it, or i ask him to hang an old window on the wall. Well that is what i like to decorate with, and you know what, I think its great because I’m repurposing and spending little money in the process, and of course i think it looks pretty too. You don’t have to spend alot of money to have a beautiful home. And you would be surprised how readily available these items are.  I get a lot of my farmhouse decor at amazon and from antique malls and stores. Here are a few items i have found for my kitchen that i love. Click on the links to view product.

Bread Box

Mug Holder

Salt and pepper caddy

Kitchen towels

Now about a steam mop review

It was cleaning day around here and i pulled out my handy dandy steam mop. Can i just tell you how much i love my Bissell steam mop . I use it on all my hard surfaces , my tile and my hardwood floors. The water gets really hot and it really does steam the dirt away. I really didn’t believe it when i bought it, i was a bit skeptical, but seriously our socks are staying white more yucky brown dirt on the bottom of our socks from our floors…i think thats pretty good proof at how well it works. And when my friends come over and notice how clean my floors look and ask me what i use to clean them i smile and pull out my Bissell power fresh mop. Now go quick and order your own at amazon. Get some more cleaning pads too while your at it.





My first post… our favorite restaurant.

Hello..well i guess i need to tell you what my page is about.  Lots of ramblings, reviews , a few of my favorite things and life as a mom. I hope to share with you information that might be helpful that i have learned as a mom and about life in general.

I’m going to start with telling you about a restaurant .. our favorite restaurant. It’s a Mexican restaurant.  Everybody loves some yummy Mexican food right. Well we sure do. And the bonus is the kids love it too. We tend to like the more authentic Mexican, and not the tex mex style .So if your looking for good Mexican  , Fiesta Mexicana is the place. It is our favorite of all the Mexican joints , and we have eaten at quite a few.  We were so thrilled when they opened up right down the street from us. It’s definitely a weekly dinner venue now for us. If you have a Fiesta Mexicana near you , run (carefully) and grab yourself a bite to eat. Its the bomb.. or at least that is what my kids tell me !