More coffee please …

Happy Wednesday!! Or as i like to say, Happy hump day . It’s the day of the middle of the week slump. Give me more coffee please.. I really seem to always need a bit more coffee on Wednesdays. So thankful for my keurig K145 .  This coffee machine is the best invention ever.  Fresh and hot coffee anytime with a push of a button . I never really liked coffee much before we got the Keurig  . And now it seems i can’t get enough.  The kids love it too to make hot chocolate. I will also brew up a nice  hot cup of tea sometimes in the evening, or on a chilly rainy day. Yep, this amazing machine can do that too. There is an endless number of brands and flavors of coffee, tea, and hot chocolate to choose from. I like to order from amazon so i can stock up on my favorite brands. Click on the link to order your very own Keurig K145 today.

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