Now about a steam mop review

It was cleaning day around here and i pulled out my handy dandy steam mop. Can i just tell you how much i love my Bissell steam mop . I use it on all my hard surfaces , my tile and my hardwood floors. The water gets really hot and it really does steam the dirt away. I really didn’t believe it when i bought it, i was a bit skeptical, but seriously our socks are staying white more yucky brown dirt on the bottom of our socks from our floors…i think thats pretty good proof at how well it works. And when my friends come over and notice how clean my floors look and ask me what i use to clean them i smile and pull out my Bissell power fresh mop. Now go quick and order your own at amazon. Get some more cleaning pads too while your at it.





2 thoughts on “Now about a steam mop review”

  1. I hate hate hate mopping floors and usually do it on hands and and knees to get in the corners. I’ve been thinking about getting one of these. How does it do corners ( where dog fur and God knows what else seem to collect!!)

  2. Hey Jenny. i think it does pretty good, i have a golden retriever who sheds a lot of hair constantly. You definetly need to make sure you sweep or vacuum your floor before you use the steam mop . I’ll have to pay more attention to the corners the next time i use it.

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