My first post… our favorite restaurant.

Hello..well i guess i need to tell you what my page is about.  Lots of ramblings, reviews , a few of my favorite things and life as a mom. I hope to share with you information that might be helpful that i have learned as a mom and about life in general.

I’m going to start with telling you about a restaurant .. our favorite restaurant. It’s a Mexican restaurant.  Everybody loves some yummy Mexican food right. Well we sure do. And the bonus is the kids love it too. We tend to like the more authentic Mexican, and not the tex mex style .So if your looking for good Mexican  , Fiesta Mexicana is the place. It is our favorite of all the Mexican joints , and we have eaten at quite a few.  We were so thrilled when they opened up right down the street from us. It’s definitely a weekly dinner venue now for us. If you have a Fiesta Mexicana near you , run (carefully) and grab yourself a bite to eat. Its the bomb.. or at least that is what my kids tell me !

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